• Some Business Challenges are Best Solved in Person

  • What We Do


    InPlatform is a B2B events company.


    We drive measurable outcomes for high-growth companies through in-person experiences.

    Our lives are incredibly connected, yet for many business challenges

    unique in-person experiences outperform other solutions.

    InPlatform designs, builds and executes immersive content-rich events to

    achieve specific milestones that will support high-growth businesses.


  • In the Works


    2016 Projects include;


    Developing a platform for leading engineers solving top tech problems, connecting small business owners with the best performing tech products to help accelerate their businesses, building a community around talent looking for new opportunities & introducing new founders into the global startup ecosystem.


    Community building, recruiting needs, customer lead generation, education for your team, client retention, brand-building for your stars, customer & partner development and brand equity building are among the business challenges our partners solve through our platform.



  • Who We Are

    InPlatform is proud to be part of the Interplay.vc Family


    InPlatform Leadership

    Erik Schreter


    Founder & CEO, Venwise

    Co-Founder, Dex Academy

    Community Builder


    LinkedIn | @erikschreter

    Kimberly Kyle Hall